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  • Norway deal

    Norway deal

    (CW: suicide, police and drugs mentions) This post is the hardest I’ve written so far. However publishing it seemed even trickier. I’m glad I made it though. WHY at all? I’d like to be very clear with my agenda behind making this story public: So do I. This story is also a compromise with myself.…

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  • Kinky queer Portugal: an invitation to play/ learn/ collab with us

    Kinky queer Portugal: an invitation to play/ learn/ collab with us

    Olá Portugal! We’re here in the Algarve until the end of February, and we’re curious to get to know local kinky and queer folk. For that matter we’re setting a few dates to meet collaborators, lovers, friends and in general people who are curious just as we are. Who’s we? I’m your mistress Sicut Dico.…

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  • 25.02.2023. WTF people?

    25.02.2023. WTF people?

    (CW: nudity, politics, art) This night was an immersive play in 4 acts and also a social experiment. The first two acts were unfortunately not documented due to organizational issues. But they remain in my memory and I’m sure also in the memories of those who were there that night. I had a lot of…

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  • Live-stream announcement and recording

    UPDATE 20.12.2023 19:38 PM Done. Didn’t manage to cover all the questions. Will try to continue tomorrow around the same time. Thanks a lot to everyone who joined. Here is the recording. UPDATE 20.12.2023 17:58 PM Darlings, my streaming equipment just refused to work for some time, but we are all set finally and starting…

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  • Look to book

    Look to book

    This post is primarily a photo gallery. To read more about us, you can click here for information. I bet you want to see more of J’s photos, right? I would too. Enjoy! J is a new-age geisha who loves to play as much as she loves to do shamanic sessions. She specializes in femdom,…

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  • Dates and locations winter 23/24

    Dates and locations winter 23/24

    December 21.12. Soelden 22.12. Innsbruck 23-24.12. Zürich 25.12. Lugano 25-28.12. Milano, Florenz 29-31.12. Geneva January 1.01. Montpellier 2.01. Barcelona 3.01. Madrid 8.01 – 30.01 – South of Portugal or southwest of Spain. February The whole month in Portugal. Plans to visit Faro, Lisbon, Porto, and everything in between. Check How to buy me? and SuperXXXma$$…

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  • SuperXXXma$$ offer

    SuperXXXma$$ offer

    What do you think is human’s worst fear? No, not the fear of death. Loneliness. We, people, tend to avoid being alone with the closest, most understanding and dearest person – yourself. This year I have enough energy to fix the loneliness issue for at least a few lucky individuals or perhaps even couples. What’s…

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  • After-hammer; Thoughts and Feelings

    After-hammer; Thoughts and Feelings

    hope it went well The text below I sent to my lawyers in response to their “I hope everything went well” on my return from the outdoor performance that I call now the hammer message (that I went to deliver in person to the city of Prague’s police drugs department. Click here to read the…

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  • Preaching for mutual understanding

    Preaching for mutual understanding

    (CW: war, languages and nations) LET’S START WITH THE MAIN THING IT WILL END. PUTIN IS A DEAD MAN The occupied territories will be returned to Ukraine. Crimea will be returned to Ukraine. All who owe will pay. Living and dead. No one involved will be unaccounted for. Here you can find out more about…

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  • Preaching à la russe

    Preaching à la russe

    (Content Warnings: improper rusky language, war, suicide. The version in English is coming) (!) Внимание. Это сложный пост. Он может вызывать амбивалентные чувства. “Тут все иносказательно, но я в душе не ебу как другим рассказать это.” Неваляшка. Song by Oxxxymiron. Начнем сразу с главного? Перечитывая свой блог недавно, я сильно удивилась тому, сколько мелочей, о…

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