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  • Love letter to Artists

    Love letter to Artists

    CW: unconditional love, justification for the desire to co-create (We send each artist mentioned official requests to their managers with specific details at the same time as the posts with their names are published) Dear creator, Whoever you are, young artist or big star, if I mention you here, it’s because I’m grateful to have…

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  • Waxy update or how dare I

    Waxy update or how dare I

    (CW: marketing, strong personal opinion, suicide, war mentions) In the more than a year that the shop has been in existence, I’ve received enough complaints that the whole concept is simply disturbing, confusing and above all that the user has to wonder who is Oxxxymiron, or who is Marina Abramovich, or if they know both,…

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  • Sicut Dico by Vika Temnova

    Sicut Dico by Vika Temnova

    If I have to introduce myself on a dating app, I say I’m an adult content creator or a professional villain.  When I want to appear “normal”, I introduce myself as an art manager, or an event producer, or simply as an artist.  Very often, I say that I’m a former marketing strategist and project…

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  • WTF IS SD. Season 01. Episode 01

    WTF IS SD. Season 01. Episode 01

    (CW: addictions, politics, nudity, profanity, capitalism and war mentions. Watch your screen time, highly addictive content) The first episode contains 7 vertical videos, 2 text posts, 3 music tracks, and photo galleries with 50+ photos. Full showcase watching time is around 8 minutes. Scroll down for separate pieces and hidden messages. Here are the text…

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  • Social links

    Social links

    (CW: social media links, strong personal opinion) Below is a list of public accounts on which I appear (in one way or another) promoting my NSFW content, listed in alphabetical order. Bear in mind that any unique content is first published on my website (or fan sites) and then, with some delay and censorship, makes…

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  • Naked news

    Naked news

    CW: nudity (for sale) I am both excited to publish this and terrified by the amount of work ahead, only because I occasionally get exhausted by my own micromanagement imperfection. The truth behind all this work is: It takes a tremendous amount of energy and confidence to make it as an artist. Yet, I am…

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  • Waxplay performance menu

    Waxplay performance menu

    strategic concept As an artist, I’m generally interested in exploring the theme of sex and politics in the same room. I believe it’s still possible not to spoil the party atmosphere, but also to educate and raise awareness while offering new experiences. Please note that I don’t exist solely for entertainment. However, as an artist…

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  • Dates and locations MARCH 2024

    Dates and locations MARCH 2024

    Open for modeling for creative and non-profit projects. Planing to make a lot of video content this month, so looking for co-creators of any kind. Can take one paid session per city while traveling through and two sessions in Prague. Deposit from 250 EUR. Hit me up via 03-04.03 Madrid, ESP 05-07.03 Alicante /…

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  • Norway deal

    Norway deal

    (CW: suicide, police and drugs mentions) This post is the hardest I’ve written so far. However publishing it seemed even trickier. I’m glad I made it though. WHY at all? I’d like to be very clear with my agenda behind making this story public: So do I. This story is also a compromise with myself.…

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  • Kinky queer Portugal: an invitation to play/ learn/ collab with us

    Kinky queer Portugal: an invitation to play/ learn/ collab with us

    Olá Portugal! We’re here in the Algarve until the end of February, and we’re curious to get to know local kinky and queer folk. For that matter we’re setting a few dates to meet collaborators, lovers, friends and in general people who are curious just as we are. Who’s we? I’m your mistress Sicut Dico.…

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