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  • Norway deal

    Norway deal

    (CW: suicide, police and drugs mentions) This post is the hardest I’ve written so far. However publishing it seemed even trickier. I’m glad I made it though. WHY at all? I’d like to be very clear with my agenda behind making this story public: So do I. This story is also a compromise with myself.…

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  • After-hammer; Thoughts and Feelings

    After-hammer; Thoughts and Feelings

    hope it went well The text below I sent to my lawyers in response to their “I hope everything went well” on my return from the outdoor performance that I call now the hammer message (that I went to deliver in person to the city of Prague’s police drugs department. Click here to read the…

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  • Preaching for mutual understanding

    Preaching for mutual understanding

    (CW: war, languages and nations) LET’S START WITH THE MAIN THING IT WILL END. PUTIN IS A DEAD MAN The occupied territories will be returned to Ukraine. Crimea will be returned to Ukraine. All who owe will pay. Living and dead. No one involved will be unaccounted for. Here you can find out more about…

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  • Preaching à la russe

    Preaching à la russe

    (Content Warnings: improper rusky language, war, suicide. The version in English is coming) (!) Внимание. Это сложный пост. Он может вызывать амбивалентные чувства. “Тут все иносказательно, но я в душе не ебу как другим рассказать это.” Неваляшка. Song by Oxxxymiron. Начнем сразу с главного? Перечитывая свой блог недавно, я сильно удивилась тому, сколько мелочей, о…

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  • Social Media status update for IG junkies

    Social Media status update for IG junkies

    (CW: NSFW, profanity, nudity, capitalism and mental health) As I predicted just a few weeks before – I got blocked on IG. Well. What can I say? I didn’t even start posting the fun stuff. But I’m not surprised. Let me share a piece of text I was writing in a private email about one…

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  • when a hammer is just a hammer

    when a hammer is just a hammer

    CW: Police, suicide, activism, drugs Update. It’s 13:06 (25.07) I got back home and washed my feet, and now my plan is to briefly write down the things I want to share here and then I need to take some rest. I’m impressed. I knew it was the right thing to do, but I had…

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    UPD – support group at 11 AM CEST is happening as planned, more info will appear here. My chaturbate room stays embedded at the end of the post. Next time I plan to be online on Monday the 29th of May. To join the Q&A session say hi to me via 19.05.2023 15:13 The…

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  • Suicidal crisis in Norway

    Suicidal crisis in Norway

    TW: suicidal thoughts and hypocrisy I don’t know if we should call the mess we all live in a civilization. It’s terribly misleading. I write this partly to digest the events myself, but mostly to expose the reality. To whom it may concern. I don’t have a big audience here yet. Also, it doesn’t matter.…

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  • Custom pick up

    The custom pick-up option means that your order will be delivered to a location in the city and available there to pick up for 2 weeks for free. The option appears if you set your billing address to Berlin and Prague, soon I’ll add similar options for Paris and London. The exact locations will be…

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  • How to buy me?

    Unique experiences and challenges are my biggest addiction so feel free to try me with an unusual task or a mix of jobs described below. Just be nice. And be ready to accept my no. That’s rule number one. Sex work I offer sensual and intelligent domination, discipline, educational sessions for couples and groups, waxplay,…

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