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  • 25.02.2023. WTF people?

    25.02.2023. WTF people?

    (CW: nudity, politics, art) This night was an immersive play in 4 acts and also a social experiment. The first two acts were unfortunately not documented due to organizational issues. But they remain in my memory and I’m sure also in the memories of those who were there that night. I had a lot of…

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  • Look to book

    Look to book

    This post is primarily a photo gallery. To read more about us, you can click here for information. I bet you want to see more of J’s photos, right? I would too. Enjoy! J is a new-age geisha who loves to play as much as she loves to do shamanic sessions. She specializes in femdom,…

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  • GENDER ID HKBR Day 0 Bodies

    GENDER ID HKBR Day 0 Bodies

    Listen to the full album here Bodies “Bodies” is Gene’s favorite track from this album, so we started with it. I hope we can recall here that our human body is in fact the most sophisticated of all drug dispensers, simply because it can produce unique cocktails specially designed for us. I hope we’ll be…

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  • Morning bible reading

    Morning bible reading

    (CW: NSFW) A raw clip of Gene’s voice reading my favorite bits of the Bible as we prepare for 31.08.2023. Tattoo by kitchentattooer. (filmed by Paw Patrol) bogolepov + gender id kitchen Paw patrol

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  • Social Media status update for IG junkies

    Social Media status update for IG junkies

    (CW: NSFW, profanity, nudity, capitalism and mental health) As I predicted just a few weeks before – I got blocked on IG. Well. What can I say? I didn’t even start posting the fun stuff. But I’m not surprised. Let me share a piece of text I was writing in a private email about one…

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  • Midyear update for returning users

    Midyear update for returning users

    (trigger/content)Warnings: money, politics, strong personal opinion, longread, no nudity) First of all, I feel very nice to know that I’m not just screaming into the void anymore and have more curious souls landing here daily to watch me. Welcome. However you got here. Who is this post for? If you are here to see how…

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  • SW support group June

    SW support group June

    NSFW Let’s keep it here for the record. No matter what I start doing in this life – I have those moments of self-doubt. If I should really do what I have imagined? I was rather unhappy with how I handled this group in May, I could have done so much better I thought. I…

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  • Late May chronicles with nudes and music by Gene

    Late May chronicles with nudes and music by Gene

    I always knew that she is talented, but I thought of her as a talented musician. Turned out Gene is a decent nude photographer as well. I’m attaching songs to each themed round of photos and am curious to see if this format works. ROUND 1. GOLDEN HOUR Nothing straight is one of the songs…

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    UPD – support group at 11 AM CEST is happening as planned, more info will appear here. My chaturbate room stays embedded at the end of the post. Next time I plan to be online on Monday the 29th of May. To join the Q&A session say hi to me via 19.05.2023 15:13 The…

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  • Dates and locations

    Dates and locations

    (TW: short suicide mention, massive solipsism) UPD: May is fully booked. This post is for everyone who actually wants to meet me or cares for me otherwise. Yes, I know it became difficult recently. I’m also freaking out with the speed of my life. But it’s okay. It’s normal for me. The only solution for…

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