Re-assembling set

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Every success story has its own history of failures. The only way to make it through is to keep reassembling the plan after things fall apart again and again.

How do I know that it will work out eventually? I don’t. The trick is in generating the possibilities to succeed. Trying and failing until you win.

From business experience I know that it’s better to not put all your eggs in one basket, so I tried not to see myself as just one product, but develop a few different ones, find what I truly like doing, and then offer those products to the audience that could not only afford but fully appreciate my goods. Whatever they are.

This belief is partly based on what I call “the power of good products”. And the downside of it, good products don’t happen overnight.

I want to express my respect to the person who planted the idea of re-assembling in my head with his music and poetry. I listen to his music while showering and when I need to prosses my anger and frustration. Thank you, Oxxxymiron. (For everyone not knowing what is going on: this song is about re-assembling what the one old senile gnome is occupying and destroying right now, and I would not dive into this lovely artist if not for the investigation committee of Moskovia).

2 small candles with cold and extra cold mixtures. 

Handmade. Tested on my own skin.

ingredients: paraffine, vaseline, color, coconut oil

drops temperature & body feeling: mildly warm (48C – 52C)

colors: yellow and blue (UV reflective)

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