Good product (hot & cold set)

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Set of 2 candles. Small hot and large cool “Jesus Wept”¬†with mono wicks.




My vision of product powers and so-called ethical marketing as a concept prepares the readers to see the perspective from which I’m planning to sell myself in the nearby future. Technically this process is already going on since the moment you started trying to make sense of what is written here.¬†

Last year I somehow accepted my inner artist. It was a bit of a life-or-death situation, but the outcome is quite powerful. I’m obviously alive.

“Good product” is a set of two candles: one small hot and one large cool “Jesus Wept” so you can feel the difference on your own.

Mono wicks only. Candles with colder mixtures are softer and less shiny than hot ones

ingredients: paraffine, vaseline, color, lavender essential oil

drops temperatures & body feeling scale: extra hot 62C – 65C, cool 52C – 55C

color: dirty black with a bit of fine glitter visible only when the wax is liquid;

Handmade. Tested on my own skin


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