Different kind of fuel

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Handmade. Tested on my own skin. Triple wick candle

ingredients: paraffine, vaseline, coconut oil, hemp oil, bergamot and lavender essential oils, color

drops temperatures & body feeling scale: cold 48C – 52C

color: sky blue



In the last 2 weeks of December 2022, I processed most of the content from last year and published over 20 posts here, prepared contracts and release forms, made and burned around 15 kilos of paraffine, and dealt with some very unpleasant shit from my past.

This store was created over the last 3 months, but each product results from a few rounds of tests and corrections. A year ago this website didn’t exist. My name didn’t exist. In terms of business age, this project is an infant. but I, however, feel like it’s been a lifetime since I started.

10 to 30 people visit my website daily. No comments. No likes. I get some nice feedback on Instagram and Mastodon from time to time (when I actually post there), or when I stream online, but it’s way too little to actually feel seen. 

If instant gratification were my only fuel – my train would get nowhere.

“Different kind of fuel” is a large candle with a “cold” mixture and delicate scent with triple wicks only.

Triple wick makes wax melt extra fast. Good for long bold sessions with a lot of runny wax.

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mono, triple


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