Real job (set of 3 temps & sizes)

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Set of 3 “Jesus Wept” candles. Three different temperatures and shapes: small hot, medium mild, and large cool with a triple wick. 



It’s not so easy to embrace your inner artist and let it thrive with the current state of things. It’s so sad that the rejection of a money-based religion economy is not an option. I either have to be a so-called successful artist or enslave myself into the system by getting what some call a “real” job.

So my inner marketing team with a business Mistress on top got to work. They developed a plan and we all started assembling the stairs to heaven.

You know how this ends right? We all do. Plans never work perfectly fine. Before I managed to publish this I had at least 3 moments when I felt like this whole candle business is a stupid idea.

This set is for you to test all my candles at once: the smallest one is the hottest, the medium is mild, and the big one is the coldest mix with 3 wicks version. 

ingredients: paraffine, vaseline, color, lavender essential oil

drops temperatures & body feeling scale: extra hot 62C – 65C, mild 55C – 68C, cool 52C – 55C

color: dirty black with a bit of fine glitter visible only when the wax is liquid;

candles with colder mixtures are softer and less shiny than hot ones

Handmade. Tested on my own skin

Additional information

Sizes & shapes

large, medium, small


mono, triple


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