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  • Kinky queer Portugal: an invitation to play/ learn/ collab with us

    Kinky queer Portugal: an invitation to play/ learn/ collab with us

    Olá Portugal! We’re here in the Algarve until the end of February, and we’re curious to get to know local kinky and queer folk. For that matter we’re setting a few dates to meet collaborators, lovers, friends and in general people who are curious just as we are. Who’s we? I’m your mistress Sicut Dico.…

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  • Dates and locations winter 23/24

    Dates and locations winter 23/24

    December 21.12. Soelden 22.12. Innsbruck 23-24.12. Zürich 25.12. Lugano 25-28.12. Milano, Florenz 29-31.12. Geneva January 1.01. Montpellier 2.01. Barcelona 3.01. Madrid 8.01 – 30.01 – South of Portugal or southwest of Spain. February The whole month in Portugal. Plans to visit Faro, Lisbon, Porto, and everything in between. Check How to buy me? and SuperXXXma$$…

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  • SuperXXXma$$ offer

    SuperXXXma$$ offer

    What do you think is human’s worst fear? No, not the fear of death. Loneliness. We, people, tend to avoid being alone with the closest, most understanding and dearest person – yourself. This year I have enough energy to fix the loneliness issue for at least a few lucky individuals or perhaps even couples. What’s…

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  • Social Media status update for IG junkies

    Social Media status update for IG junkies

    (CW: NSFW, profanity, nudity, capitalism and mental health) As I predicted just a few weeks before – I got blocked on IG. Well. What can I say? I didn’t even start posting the fun stuff. But I’m not surprised. Let me share a piece of text I was writing in a private email about one…

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  • Midyear update for returning users

    Midyear update for returning users

    (trigger/content)Warnings: money, politics, strong personal opinion, longread, no nudity) First of all, I feel very nice to know that I’m not just screaming into the void anymore and have more curious souls landing here daily to watch me. Welcome. However you got here. Who is this post for? If you are here to see how…

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  • The link of hope

    Long Awaited Silence Of Mind (坂本龍一に捧げる) by bogolepov Hope is an excellent example of a magical power that can also be made by hand. This post is my gentle push into universe number 2 and, I hope, a demonstration of that power. The first one I wrote almost 2 weeks ago on Mastodon. Below is…

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    UPD – support group at 11 AM CEST is happening as planned, more info will appear here. My chaturbate room stays embedded at the end of the post. Next time I plan to be online on Monday the 29th of May. To join the Q&A session say hi to me via 19.05.2023 15:13 The…

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  • Dates and locations

    Dates and locations

    (TW: short suicide mention, massive solipsism) UPD: May is fully booked. This post is for everyone who actually wants to meet me or cares for me otherwise. Yes, I know it became difficult recently. I’m also freaking out with the speed of my life. But it’s okay. It’s normal for me. The only solution for…

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  • Good news, everyone!

    Good news, everyone!

    Your Mistress is still a criminal according to the local standards. Still, since the bureaucrats can’t really ruin my life due to my marriage with an EU citizen, I’ll only get a fine for bringing my dangerous “narcotics” to this safe county. I’m utterly exhausted emotionally, but I also feel like it wasn’t just happening…

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  • Suicidal crisis in Norway

    Suicidal crisis in Norway

    TW: suicidal thoughts and hypocrisy I don’t know if we should call the mess we all live in a civilization. It’s terribly misleading. I write this partly to digest the events myself, but mostly to expose the reality. To whom it may concern. I don’t have a big audience here yet. Also, it doesn’t matter.…

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