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  • open call for submissive individuals

    open call for submissive individuals

    Let’s get to know each other. This post might be a point of extra interest for all kinds of exhibitionists, but not only. I’m inviting subs, slaves, bottoms, pets, pain sluts, and princesses of all genders to join our projects: shows, film productions, and private experiences under my personal supervision. It’s important for us to…

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  • Meet Gene and come to our concert

    Meet Gene and come to our concert

    Gene is like a sibling to me, also a talented artist, passionate activist, and generally a very kind person. But I’m also their manager. Well. We use this word for people who respect the concept of artists being fully dependent on labels and streaming services. For everyone else, I’m Gene’s pimp. I’m simply helping them…

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  • sexy-couple (letzfetish-guests)

    sexy-couple (letzfetish-guests)

    One of my first nights alone in Kitkat’s basement and this couple really made it cheesy hot! They were happy to have pictures and a session with me, and I felt like I did things right that night. I’m especially grateful for the permission to publish the very exact moments. It was a pleasure to…

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  • day 1

    day 1

    My palms are sweaty and heartbeat elevates when I´m typing this text. This feeling of excitement and anticipation. I absolutely love it. I guess things could never happen in any other way. This post is about the real day One: when I´m kinda going to work and my job will be spanking everyone´s butts. How…

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  • As I say

    As I say

    First things first: this is a queer space where respect is a top priority, soplease be kind to each other and then feel free to be weird as well. There is no place for judgment. Now we get to another important topic. Which is – me, of course. What else could this blog even be…

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