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  • Dates and locations

    Dates and locations

    (TW: short suicide mention, massive solipsism) UPD: May is fully booked. This post is for everyone who actually wants to meet me or cares for me otherwise. Yes, I know it became difficult recently. I’m also freaking out with the speed of my life. But it’s okay. It’s normal for me. The only solution for…

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  • Good news, everyone!

    Good news, everyone!

    Your Mistress is still a criminal according to the local standards. Still, since the bureaucrats can’t really ruin my life due to my marriage with an EU citizen, I’ll only get a fine for bringing my dangerous “narcotics” to this safe county. I’m utterly exhausted emotionally, but I also feel like it wasn’t just happening…

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  • Suicidal crisis in Norway

    Suicidal crisis in Norway

    TW: suicidal thoughts and hypocrisy I don’t know if we should call the mess we all live in a civilization. It’s terribly misleading. I write this partly to digest the events myself, but mostly to expose the reality. To whom it may concern. I don’t have a big audience here yet. Also, it doesn’t matter.…

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  • Can Be Done

    Can Be Done

    I thought I couldn’t go any further in terms of weird marketing after the candle store, but here we are. Life never gives up on educating us Last morning I drove White Orchestra to Prague from the cottage where we’d been hiding out for the past few days, including my birthday. After watching Sasha work…

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  • Custom pick up

    The custom pick-up option means that your order will be delivered to a location in the city and available there to pick up for 2 weeks for free. The option appears if you set your billing address to Berlin and Prague, soon I’ll add similar options for Paris and London. The exact locations will be…

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  • How to support my work?

    Donations will be used to pay my bills and or support my team If you would like recognition for your donations don’t hesitate to let me know, I’ll be glad to expose your support and return the favor by spreading the word about you among my audience. PAYPAL one-time or monthly donation Ko-Fi a quick…

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  • Naked for Ukraine 13.03.2023

    Naked for Ukraine 13.03.2023

    TW: nudity, war, capitalism Welcome to my punished Monday! I decided to show you my day today. As close as possible. You can watch me working on my website and waxplay project. Naked. All the tips collected today will go to helping Ukraine or in my case specific Ukrainians. But money is not the main…

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  • €205.19


    My dear Patrons! (I’m not just talking about the current ones, but all those who have supported me financially throughout this year and who, for one reason or another, have stopped.) In the previous post about my disappointment with Patreon as a platform, I don’t intend to devalue the enormous support you’ve given me through…

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  • Patreon issue

    Patreon issue

    Does the value system in which we currently live always bring the wrong people to power? Or does power itself corrupts those who have the most to do with it? I don’t have an answer for you on that. But I can at least take steps to ensure that the wrong people have less power…

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  • Thoughts, nudes, Gene and candle packaging (train update)

    Thoughts, nudes, Gene and candle packaging (train update)

    I have no pictures on my phone from last Saturday and half of the performance that I did that night unfortunately was not documented at all. However. That night for sure is going to stay in my memory and most likely in the memory of others who witnessed the show. Some pictures are coming for…

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