25.02.2023. WTF people?

(CW: nudity, politics, art)

This night was an immersive play in 4 acts and also a social experiment. The first two acts were unfortunately not documented due to organizational issues. But they remain in my memory and I’m sure also in the memories of those who were there that night.

I had a lot of people approaching me and telling me nice things, like that what I do is real art. It felt good at first. But then I saw how the money jar started filling up with coins, notes and.. business cards.

This part made me sad somehow. So I’d like to leave questions here. Why do some people think that their opinion is worth more than a few euros? Or is there something wrong with me?

I’m only here to bring up the questions no else can. That’s my power. The rest is yours.

That night I went to the club neither to not judge nxor ruin the party mood. I think I wanted answers for myself. I got them and feel grateful.

Photography: Manuel Calicchia

(Dear Manuel, thank you for your patience and will to make it work).

I learned so much that night

My brave sub was that night both a candle holder and a message carrier. I used their body to hold my laptop and display text slides. They also talked to the guests, played, and explained the slides to them, though at certain moments, this wasn’t an easy task at all.

Here you can see the slides that they displayed.

They also wrote this poem after. I think it can partially replace the missing pictures.



Massive thanks to Let’Z Fetish Academy at Kitkatclub Berlin and Ari Denaro personally for letting me take care of the clinic, special thanks to Simon for rescuing the photographer for me, and to Elina and Lilith for being amazing, supportive, but also mean and hot AF!

My laptop de-branding sticker was designed by Maladie_tattoo.


All the money collected that night went to support Ukrainians. If you read until this point I wonder if you are curious  about how much money we actually got.

I will tell you, I promise. But first I’m asking you to guess the number that you thin it is. Once you submit your guess,  you’ll get the answer. What do you think of it?

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