Live-stream announcement and recording

UPDATE 20.12.2023 19:38 PM

Done. Didn’t manage to cover all the questions. Will try to continue tomorrow around the same time. Thanks a lot to everyone who joined. Here is the recording.

UPDATE 20.12.2023 17:58 PM

Darlings, my streaming equipment just refused to work for some time, but we are all set finally and starting in a few min! sorry for a delay

And the main topic is MONEY!


Yes, you can ask me how much I was paid for a piss and how I dared to ask for a 10k deposit. All of it.

This offer isn’t just a way for me to make some cash. It’s mainly to show others what’s possible.

Yes, this is both an act of self-presentation and an act of support for other sex workers and other artists trying to sell their work.

I don’t know exactly what the stream will look like. I can only guarantee one thing: no one has ever done this before.

So get down here around 4pm CEST tomorrow (20.12.2023) and let’s see where it goes.

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