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What do you think is human’s worst fear? No, not the fear of death. Loneliness. We, people, tend to avoid being alone with the closest, most understanding and dearest person – yourself.

This year I have enough energy to fix the loneliness issue for at least a few lucky individuals or perhaps even couples.

What’s on the menu?

Lifechanging experiences.

Authentic sensitivity. Sophisticated approach. Structured BDSM.

I hope you’ve noticed who I’m kissing in the photo. Meet my witch sister J.

I only met her a couple of months ago, and although we both grew up spanking tons of buts with loads of tools at LetzFetish Academy’s basement of Berlin’s Kitkatclub. So to not team up on the XXXmas adventure would be a crime against love.

For BDSM specifics, please check our fetlife profiles. This is mine. This is J’s. Just keep in mind that we are also so much more.

Click here for Dates and Locations.

on top of kink, we also provide
  • Talk. Support and guidance to improve your mental well-being.
  • Mentorship. Coaching, support, and education within the context of BDSM practices. This mentorship can cover various aspects of BDSM, including safety, communication, exploration of kinks, and the development of skills and techniques.
  • Spiritual BDSM and shamanic rituals
  • Immersive performances with other artists
  • Photography and videos (done by us or other professionals)
  • Special dining and drinking experiences
  • Potentially everything else that you can politely communicate (if your request doesn’t fit us, we will direct you to someone else)
How much does it cost to hire a geisha and a priestess in a tandem?

alone we charge from 10000 EUR and, together – from 25000 EUR

What is included in the deposit/flat rate mentioned above:

Classic BDSM session, pre-session negotiation, security check, and of course aftercare. This is at least 10 hrs of our time in total, where half of it is preparation. Expect a lot of communication with us and our assistants to make your experience truly unique.

What is classic BDSM?
  • Impact Play – using Floggers, Paddles, and Whips
  • Candle / Wax Play – drops of hot wax (customized temperatures) dripped or poured on your naked body, possibly including your genitals and nipples. Or, simply lighting candles placed on your body
  • Electric Play. Stimulating shock play
  • Ice Play
  • Temperature play. Wax drops, water, ice cubes combined
  • Foot, High Heel & Boot Worship
  • Trampling – Standing on your body, cock, or face
  • Pet play – Training and depersonalizing you as a dog, pony, or pig, or any other animal
  • Bondage – Cuffs, ropes and chains
  • Nipple torture – Twisting, pinching, and the use of clamps and wax
  • Tickling – Sensory play or a form of “edge play,” which pushes the boundaries of your comfort zone
  • Mummification – Plastic wrapping from head to toe. (pro tip: recommended with wax drops)
  • Humiliation – Verbal degradation, physical acts, or role-playing scenarios i.e. making you a piece of human furniture, spitting, gags, face slapping, ball kicking, ash play, etc.
  • Watersports – Golden showers into your mouth or other parts of your body
  • Breath play – Smothering, choking, or facesitting (clothed)
  • Urethral play – Stimulating your penis through metal sounding plugs 
  • Pegging – Strap on session where you become our little slut
  • Sissy Play – Makeup, crossdressing, domestic servitude & maid training
  • Interrogation – Various forms of torture using restraint, such as being tied to a chair or X-cross
  • Sensory Deprivation – Intensification of the remaining senses and creation of a heightened state of awareness, vulnerability, or anticipation through blindfolds, hoods, or other tools to restrict sight, and sound-canceling devices or silence for auditory deprivation. Various techniques used to limit the senses of touch, taste, or smell
  • Latex / Rubber / PVC clothing
  • Training and discipline
  • Customized role-playing scenarios
Why us?

Because what we do is art. Also, we play like we’ve spent a few lives together.

We are not just special. We are everything you could dream about, but also professional and sensitive. Playing with your levels of dopamine, adrenaline, serotonin, and endorphin.

We are both good to start with if you are new to this, and a perfect match for those who have tried everything or are looking for a more tailored experience.

How to book us
step one – deposit

We request the deposit upfront. Direct bank transfer or crypto. We can provide you with an invoice or arrange full anonymity.

Send your requests for bank transfer details to

Send crypto to Coinbase Wallet @wallet976gnc34j5izfe

Don’t just say hey! Politely introduce yourself, specify the date, location, and other details.

Step two – negotiations and warming up

After the deposit is paid and the date is secured you will have a direct chat with us and two of our assistants. There is no such thing as too much preparation for a session.

Hotel rooms and studios are to be paid extra.

Don’t think for too long – we have only a few slots by this year’s end. From the next one, the price will grow.

Confidentiality and security

We guarantee the safety of your identity and full discretion. If you are sensitive to this topic, don’t hesitate to mention it. We help to take every precaution.

Don’t get scammed! We will never approach you on social media trying to sell our services. We don’t offer discounts, our assistants do not approach anyone with a sales offer. All our accounts are listed here, on this website.

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