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(CW: NSFW, profanity, nudity, capitalism and mental health)

As I predicted just a few weeks before – I got blocked on IG. Well. What can I say? I didn’t even start posting the fun stuff. But I’m not surprised.

I’m not sad about it either. I’m taking this as a badge of honor. Also, no, I’m not going to start over there again. For fuck sake why should I?

Let me share a piece of text I was writing in a private email about one project related to mental health issues to make it crystal clear at least between us here.

I don’t believe that YouTube or Instagram are resources for fighting the crisis. They are the cause. Of course, this is my personal judgment based on my experiences. But let me be even more direct: none of these capitalist-based media platforms want to talk about the mental health problems they create.

Why would they?

Let’s try to slow down and breathe into this question. Why whoud the companies making billions from people’s screen addiction want to even see this as a problem?

I’m not saying I will give up on all the people using Instagram daily. Quite the opposite. I’m just not planning to create more accounts there myself. I’ll explain.

All photos illustrating the social media series represent our collective attitude to the current state of the social media world. Don’t try to make sense of what you see. I mean try but not too hard.

Photo by WhiteOrchestra
Why do we keep feeding the monster?

Of course, I understand the crowd effect. They say jump. They always do.

Of course, it was also convenient for me to use IG to connect with people and get clients.

It’s been around for so long. It’s almost like some people can’t even imagine the world without it.

I, gladly, can.

None of the things they accuse me of are lies. Or wrong. It’s just not okay on IG. I’m simply seeing this as there is no space for me on this platform. Nothing personal. I just have no right to be there according to the rules.

What I don’t understand is why other people like me keep coming back to IG even though they are being treated like shit by Meta? It’s almost like they accept that there is no alternative to it. They censor themselves. They try to play by the rules. Try to fit in.

Photo by WhiteOrchestra

But there is something else I’m pretty confident about. I’ve seen what happens when the majority accepts that they have no rights. They lose not only their rights. They lose the ability to make their own choices at all.

Yes, I’m referring to my experience with russia. I’m afraid I can’t ignore the similarities.

(Btw, I still have my account on IG with most of the posts in russian. Here it is.)

To be able to make a choice we need to believe in the existence of options.

Photo by WhiteOrchestra
Would you like to start a little revolution with me?

No. I’m not going to invite you to quit Instagram today. I know it’s too much.

I’m only offering you to consider the existence of different choices, and not just blue pills and red pills. Imagine there are all kinds of colors and you can mix and match.

You don’t have to make your choice today.

Photo by WhiteOrchestra

You maybe don’t even have to choose between them at all.

What you can do today, though, is to light up the match for yourself.

Do a little research on the topic of decentralized media if you don’t know what it is yet. Look at the history. Ask yourself: do I feel good using Meta products?

If you are investing your time into any other platform – please just read their terms and conditions. Don’t produce content blindly.

If you stopped using Meta products and found another way, don’t blame others who can’t do it yet, just share what works for you.

let’s be kind to each other

Offering and accepting the idea of different choices. I don’t believe that we can force anything else.

Photo by WhiteOrchestra

Although on my end I’d like to propose another safety option for sex workers and adult content creators of any kind.

I’m ready to make and maintain a professional catalog on my website, for now, just a simple list with links and names, so people who don’t have their own website can have a link to share that can’t be blocked, also exchange audiences between independent sex workers, photographers, if they have sites and so on.

Also, I keep inviting you to look at alternatives to Meta and join the decentralized media world via Mastodon or in any other way. Discover it for yourself. If you like the kind of content that you see here, I promise, you’ll meet more people like me from all over the world.

What do you think?

You don’t have to tell me. I mean I’d be glad to hear, too. But. Tell your followers on IG or Twitter. Tell your friends. There’s no universal solution. It’s okay. The only thing I’m trying to convince you to see – there are options.

if you want to be on this list email me at (put “SW catalog” in the subject) – you can apply as a model, as a content creator, as a sex worker, or like me, state yourself as all of this.

Photo by WhiteOrchestra
What else?

If you are an active IG user you might want to follow the accounts of my team members, we’ll try to forward most of the important information there to keep you updated.

Photo by WhiteOrchestra

You can follow the accounts that Sil created recently here and here. They will mirror the most important posts on this website to a degree that IG allows.

Here you can follow the account mirroring this website.

This one is for artists and canbedone people.

If you want to help me dismantle capitalism consider supporting my blog or buying my products.

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