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Let’s keep it here for the record. No matter what I start doing in this life – I have those moments of self-doubt. If I should really do what I have imagined?

I was rather unhappy with how I handled this group in May, I could have done so much better I thought. I even thought about shutting down this project once or twice.

ALWAYS. Every fucking time.

The only reason things are happening in my life – I don’t let the doubts win. I always have to try and see what happens next. And almost always it is worth the effort.

So let’s try to keep going. This month I think I’m more or less happy with the messages that I’ve prepared for you. The recording is below with time codes by block.

Here is the email for your questions or requests to join in whatever format – sw@sicut-dico.com


In the video, I’m mentioning that I consider sex work to be performance art. I highly recommend looking into Marina Abramovich’s view of performance art essentials for everyone who would want to join my perspective. Start with this lecture for instance.

00:00 – part 1/6 – organizational block; communication request: what is support for you? invitation to try different formats

10:25 – part 2/6 – undressing and bla-bla – nothing meaningful, just the moment where I’m getting naked

12:50 – part 4/6 – preaching: sex work is a kind of performance art (why we need more happy sw’s to save the world)

30:00 – part 4/6 – explaining my web strategy pillars: safety, sensitivity, clear borders, warnings, and small steps. Everything in this world has a price.

46:34 – part 5/6 – comments on my own website

54:10 – task talk with white and unsorted stuff, a bit of preaching, also the moment where I explain why we will get banned on IG.

If you like what I’m doing, please, help to spread the word about my project or consider supporting my blog.

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