The link of hope

Hope is an excellent example of a magical power that can also be made by hand. This post is my gentle push into universe number 2 and, I hope, a demonstration of that power.

The first one I wrote almost 2 weeks ago on Mastodon. Below is a screenshot of it (which I took just before publishing this one).

For a whole bunch of reasons, I can’t get any more involved in the process of attracting public attention and helping someone in a horrible situation personally. But I found the solution and I think that even if, by the time attention is drawn, the system has already spat the person out, it is absolutely necessary to investigate and understand how this is possible.

Somehow I just happen to be the one to start the process. If I would be religious I could say that I was chosen to do so. But I simply understand the pain. And how stupid and unnecessary it is.

How it started for me

My Norway crisis made me realize one particular thing about the systems of power. Even the most civilized ones. They have no soul. But humans do. Even those who choose to lock their souls behind their badges.

This post I wrote a week after getting back from so-called vacation and it doesn’t matter how this information got to me. But matters when. Exactly in the middle of my own mental crisis.

I’m not sure if the universe got the first push right because the person I’m talking about is STILL NOT FREE

Yes, this is also a good example of how unproductive is helplessness. No likes. No boosts. I wish I could phrase it better that day.

Maybe I’m being overly sensitive as usual. But I have a strong feeling that we need some democracy here. Not better phrasing. And I’m afraid democracy is a process that involves people and their will to do something.

So my link of hope will lead today to my dear Gene. I’m asking the ones who are close to the person in jail. I know you are reading this. Please contact Gene on any social media with a private message or send an email to

Gene will keep us all updated further. Btw she just released a new single (you can listen to it while reading this post). Please consider supporting her work if you like what we do.

Here is what’s given again:

The person was supposed to be released in April this year but his family still has no contact with him now and the public defender that was involved is stating that nothing can be done. It’s been two months since his sentence was supposed to end.

Is it okay to just lose a person in jail?

Is there something wrong with me that I can’t accept as a topic that needs to be kept quiet about?

The answer should come in actions. I’ll add links to this post on different social media once we get it reposted. Please share it wherever you can, if you want to help, and however you want. Use your own words. Take a screenshot of mine. Repost. Comment. Talk to your lawyer buddy. Support my blog.

If you have practical ideas on what legal actions can be done and are willing to help personally – contact Gene.

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