UPD – support group at 11 AM CEST is happening as planned, more info will appear here.

My chaturbate room stays embedded at the end of the post. Next time I plan to be online on Monday the 29th of May. To join the Q&A session say hi to me via sw@sicut-dico.com

19.05.2023 15:13 The first round of broadcasting is done, uploading the recorded video now, and will drop it here soon.

Did eventually 2 rounds of broadcasting, received one token at the end, and one comment on Mastodon with a “thank you”.

18.43 Now I feel like I didn’t say even half of what I wanted to say. But let’s count this as one more reason to continue.

20.05.2023 11:59 Here is the recording from yesterday. My imposter syndrome was especially strong this morning telling me to not post the video because I’m too honest, too vulnerable, too stoned, and/or just not good enough. But I decided that I don’t have the right to judge.

uncut and unedited so far – will reprocess it and add subtitles later if anyone else finds it helpful

13:56 Asked Gene to look at the material, in the meanwhile sent a link for prepayment to a client and talked to another who picks up freshly done candles today. This is a moment to remind myself about my own rule. Actions are always better than words. I’m fully booked in May. June and July are half gone. I have more plans and clients to deal with than I can possibly take as a single human being. I sell candles faster than make them and I didn’t even start advertising the store yet.

No, this is not an accident.

Yes, I totally believe that other people can get there too and this world needs more happy sex workers and free creators of any kind of safe and fun experiences.

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