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Wanna know how I ended up preaching to artists, pimpin’ out queers, and doing sex work for mental health reasons? I’ll tell ya. But let’s start with the main point then.


You Can

Do Whatever Makes




I believe in you! Why? Because I tried and it worked for me. Not all from a first try of course. However.

My website didn’t exist a year ago. I didn’t always feel strong enough to embrace my inner artist, nor to shout loudly into the void about myself, and yet here I am. 

I have the urge to share some unpleasant truths. No, it’s not all glittery unicorn poop.

One of them: it’s complicated. And messy at the beginning. 

I used to educate myself on marketing and business strategy because I wanted to live an independent life, travel, and buy nice things, but the longer I lived, the more I got to realize that the most important things in this life are not things.

But feelings. Emotions. Experiences. And memories about them. 

Money is just a resource. But for some people money is everything. It is sacred, tabooed, and feared. Almost like sex. And together they make a very funny cocktail, not many people yet get to appreciate. 

What does it all mean?

Sex work should be destigmatized. And to make this happen we should not be afraid to share how it’s done. 

19.05. 13 PM CEST (live on Chaturbate (35-40 min) where I’ll tell my story in steps (intro into my whole life, my professional experience, life after addiction, empowerment effect of SW, values and strategy, why I so much believe in myself and stuff) – streaming will be also available here on my website. The recorded version will be available the next day. 

29.05. 11 AM CEST live Q&A session (30-35 min) – request the link via email at sw@sicut-dico.com

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