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(TW: short suicide mention, massive solipsism)

UPD: May is fully booked.

This post is for everyone who actually wants to meet me or cares for me otherwise. Yes, I know it became difficult recently. I’m also freaking out with the speed of my life. But it’s okay. It’s normal for me.

The only solution for this I see is planning. Yes, the plans tend to fall apart, but that’s why we have backup plans, right?

I recharged my batteries and am ready to share. I have a fresh set of warnings though. It’s not gonna get less disturbing than it already is. If it is there, it’s there. If what I say, write, or do is already at least partially disturbing for you – this will only get worse. And it has to get a lot worse before it can get any better. I’m sorry if you are not ready for me. It’s not your fault. Neither it’s mine. The world is broken, not us.


Here is what I have on my plate for the next couple of months in terms of



and requests for the universe.

Now you can’t tell me you didn’t know.

I can be booked alone or with co-creators. My calendar is especially well synchronized with Gene and WO and we still have some free dates in July and a strong will to undermine the System.


The first two weeks of May I was freezing my ass to an average temp of +11C in Norway. Turned out it was necessary to speed up the process of killing the old version of myself. That one that wants to kill me from time to time.

Looks like I’ve found its weak spot. Finally!

I’m back in Prague and generally available for bookings and creative exchange here, in Berlin by arrangements, and what’s most important for now: ONLINE.


27.05. – Kitkatclub Berlin – in charge of Let’Z Fetish Academy station (clinic area) – if you plan to be in the club and wish to collaborate on content creation – contact me asap.

19/24/29/31 – creative support groups (CBD project) – free online meetings for creators on topics of motivation, mental health, addictions, financial independence, and productivity.

Online groups on the 19th and 29th with be hosted on Chaturbate. The topic is SEX WORK, of course. Here is a post with more information on this event.


By the end of the month, I’m planning to balance between Prague and Berlin, with a few stops in the Czech countryside.

Accepting recommendations and company for wakeboarding, wind, and kitesurfing locations in CZ, DE and around EU.

Requests to the universe:

We are still looking for a home in Prague for Sil and her 2 children. She is in Kyiv for now but will be back next week and I think this is my most important wish this month: to find a comfortable place for them. So if you know a real estate agent who is not an asshole could be ready to help us, or a landlord renting out 2KK+ or a bigger flat in Prague, or might know one of them, please share this request and point them to me.


UPD: fully booked for June

dates & Locations:

1st-15th – creative escape in the Czech countryside

8thPsycho KitKat Berlin,

15th-25th Athens, Greece,

26th-31st Berlin


5/12/19/26 CBD creative support groups

Requests to the universe:

1 music studio, 1 rehearsal base, accountants, lawyers, drivers, likeminded people, 1 sailing teacher, 1 good psychiatrist, 1 wakeboard trainer


Partially available in Berlin and Prague, planning a show in Prague and another creative escape in the countryside after it.

Feel free to reach out about booking specific dates, my July is flexible until the end of May. More info will appear later.

Requests to the universe:

BDSM ballet’s first action must happen in July, not later. Not sure if I can or should explain why. I trust myself in this and asking you to join me.

If you know me and managed to read until here – write the fuck to me already, let’s plan something. If you don’t know me, but like what I do consider supporting me or spreading the word about my projects.


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