How to buy me?

Unique experiences and challenges are my biggest addiction so feel free to try me with an unusual task or a mix of jobs described below. Just be nice. And be ready to accept my no. That’s rule number one.

Sex work

I offer sensual and intelligent domination, discipline, educational sessions for couples and groups, waxplay, impact play, orgy management, and queer BDSM plays.


I don’t have a price list for SW sessions. Clients pay according to their state of wealth. Like traffic fines in Switzerland.

If you can’t afford a flat fee support my work with a custom donation and unlock other options to connect with me

RULES and limitations

At the moment I’m only available in Europe but I’m working on expanding my geography. I have bases of operations in Berlin and Prague, have friendly locations in other cities, but can also operate in hotel suits and private living rooms.

No full service, no skin contact, high hygiene standards required and maintained, no service in case of intoxication. I’m fully vaccinated and maintain strict health care protocols.

Security verification is required for new clients.

I provide full anonymity, a mindful and creative initiation process and aftercare, safeguarding, and kink coaching if necessary. The best way to use my services is to get to know me and open up to me as much as possible, so I’m not a good choice for impatient individuals (unless they want to train their patience, of course).

Performances and events

I’m mostly interested in combining activism with immersive live performances, I can also provide safer space management for events and venues. I specialize in respectful communication and can be hired for delicate casting jobs. Modeling for adult content creators and shows is also great fun for me and at this point, I’m okay to pose as a sub too.


My flat rate starts from 1500 EUR + VAT and travel expenses for a 1,5 -2 hrs solo show that always includes at least one assistant or sub.

RULES and limitations

In Berlin, my kinky performances are exclusively reserved for Letz Fetish Academy at Kitkatclub and Gene’s #queerpop events. I can be booked as a bundle with one of them:

  • with #queerpop bundle from 2150 EUR*** + VAT and travel expenses
  • with letZ fetish academy from 2250 EUR*** + VAT and travel expenses

***(e.g.) 1,5 -2 hrs show with music and 2-3 artists + assistants

In other cities, I have no obligations so far and am open to exclusive collaborations.

The second important rule for working with me is clear and consistent communication. Send me an email with the details of your request to find the best way to create together.

Marketing and production: is my pants-on project on marketing for self-promoting artists.

I’m open to creative tasks and collaborations* such as producing documentaries, interviews and educational products on sensitive topics and social taboos.

Email me with fetish and kinky marketing and sponsorship requests, but keep in mind that I will advertise your product only if I like it. No BS.

Brands or corporations can’t buy me but could try to collaborate with me on educational projects and sponsor my non-profit activity.

*As an anticapitalist, I support all kinds of collaboration that don’t involve money, however, I also believe that every work must be paid. I know, it’s complicated. This is why we should communicate with each other face to face.

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