Naked for Ukraine 13.03.2023

TW: nudity, war, capitalism

Welcome to my punished Monday!

I decided to show you my day today. As close as possible.

You can watch me working on my website and waxplay project. Naked. All the tips collected today will go to helping Ukraine or in my case specific Ukrainians.

But money is not the main goal here. I feel the need to do this for a few bigger reasons. I’ll explain them on the way.

Now let’s start with the show. I plan to be online until 9 pm Berlin time with 30 min breaks every 1,5 hours.

All updates appear here below.

let’s go!

11:32 As usual the first attempt to broadcast failed. I’m restarting my laptop and I’m online now.

11:44 The first statement here today was originally meant for one specific person, but I think it might be useful for a lot more people to hear it.

You have an absolute right to do what you want in this life and not what old white people in suits want you to.

Your life belongs to you. The world belongs to you. Not the other way around.

Artists have superpowers. They can process pain and anger into something else. Something beautiful.

The world is abusing artists. Don’t let them.

12:20 Posted an announcement on Mastodon

Did a small workout with a broomstick and sent some work emails.

The next round will be in the kitchen: I’m not sure if I want to make candles or cheesecake first, but you will get more action for sure.

12:59 Off for the first break. See you in half an hour

13:45 back for the next live round. This time we are in my kitchen and we start with candles.

14:34 Looks like I have a forced break. I’ll restart the system and come back

14:45 Small candles are in the fridge, I’m staying online a bit longer to finish UV reflective tips for big candles.

15:32 I’m tired and having another break. We will continue with the kitchen business in half an hour.

Here we are
17:27 current POV

Cheesecake is canceled due to the lack of mascarpone in the nearby supermarket but I’m almost done with the set of candles.

I miss Sil so much! On the other hand, this experience alone is valuable as hell. I received a lot of silly compliments, a bunch of new followers on different platforms, and got used to the camera even more.

This was the good stuff. Now let’s get to the answers I promised you earlier.

Some posts are not easy. But very necessary.

20:28 I ordered pizza, wrote a few more emails, booked a ticket to Berlin for this weekend, edited and published a post, wrote another email, finished a few more candles, and now checking my list for today.

21.03 As usual, not done with all the tasks. But it’s normal for me.

I’m a bit exhausted so it’s time to say good night to yall and relax.

Thanks to everyone who joined me today and those who helped me to feel real!

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