Thoughts, nudes, Gene and candle packaging (train update)

hello, darlings

I have no pictures on my phone from last Saturday and half of the performance that I did that night unfortunately was not documented at all.


That night for sure is going to stay in my memory and most likely in the memory of others who witnessed the show. Some pictures are coming for sure, but later. Today I only give you a chance to see how Gene was seeing me in the last few days. I have to say, I’m feeling inspired and refreshed.

As if we got one step closer to overthrowing capitalism and killing putin at the same time.

Below are the pictures of my outfit where I want to advertise a piece from Danilov Harness and in general just keep pointing your attention to amazing kinky brands from Ukraine.

I’m very grateful to my colleagues from Let’Z Fetish academy and Ari Denaro specifically for letting me do my art and supporting me in my craziness.

ALSO! A huge thanks to Ben for being so helpful and brave, sorry I burned your wiener!

Another gallery of pictures where I’m already a lot more dressed shows the process of packing and signing candles. I don’t buy any special package material, all candles are packed and signed by me, and with packing materials that were already in use.

Gene has a few more candles in Berlin for picking up. The store is close to being launched. Now preparing drops for Paris and London and can accept 1-2 custom orders.

That’s more or less it for now and the train is almost arriving in Prague. Thanks for reading me.



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