Stand with Ukraine by supporting its kinky clothing and lingerie brands

Updated: now it’s a list of 15 companies.

I felt incredibly useless as my body struggled with unexpected covid. However, I could still click on links, so I wrote this article hoping you can see how many fantastic kinky products are still being made in Ukraine today.

Cheesy media outlets would call it something like “15 Amazing Ukrainian Brands That Set Women Free”, I just can’t do that shit anymore. I mean being a part of the cheesy media world.

Although the brands are indeed amazing. And some are even not only for women.

So I kindly ask you to share this list with your friends or anyone looking for stylish naughty outfits and spicy fetish clothes for parties or private events. Just product photos are already pure aesthetic fun.

This war is so much about money that by supporting any Ukrainian product we help the fight for freedom and every little bit counts.

kinky brands Ukraine: (main page screenshot) (main page screenshot)

This brand is perhaps the best known recently and what they do is pure art. I’m sure some of you have already noticed my colleagues tagging them or wearing their items.

Free shipping on orders over $400. It is especially amazing to see their efforts to respect the diversity of body types. There are some options for male bodies in leather and latex as well.

kinky brands Ukraine: (main page screenshot) (main page screenshot)

Exquisite role-playing lingerie: superheroines, uniforms, gothic and religious aesthetics with free shipping on orders over $100.

I didn’t think I was that interested in roleplaying aesthetics until I found this site. This is a rear case where the maid and nurse outfits don’t look silly but are in fact beautifully hot and powerful.

This amazing mask designer got my attention already after this post was published. One nice user on mastodon recommended them and I lost track of time on their website. Scull cross masks are my favorite, but the selection is quite wide and wild.


kinky brands Ukraine: (IG feed screenshot) (IG feed screenshot)

I personally own the Danilov harness item, it was a gift from a dear lover; a leather chain that you can see me wearing on my chest on the main page. This chain is actually a skirt… but I’ve used it in so many other ways, I’m not sure I should call it that. Anyway. The quality is incredible!


kinky brands Ukraine: (IG feed screenshot) (IG feed screenshot)

A rather innocent looking account with handmade corsages accepts custom orders and, in my opinion, should have more followers than it does at the moment. Lots of taste and passion.

kinky brands Ukraine: (shop page screenshot) (shop page screenshot)

A brand from Kyiv whose name and style match particularly well. Small collection but each item has its own vibe.

kinky brands Ukraine: (shop page screenshot) (shop page screenshot)

Lingerie brand produces mesh and lace-up sets in a variety of colors with customization options. Free international delivery on all products. (main page screenshot) (main page screenshot)

US-based brand from Ukraine offering lingerie, harnesses, garters and homeware. Classically hot.


kinky brands Ukraine: (IG feed screenshot) (IG feed screenshot)

Unusual handmade natural leather corsages, belts and BDSM accessories. They seem to have a few accounts on Instagram, so I’m linking to both here. (shop page screenshot) (shop page screenshot)

It’s not really a fetish brand but look at the silky coats, they are terribly seductive. I’m not talking about the vintage style and the boho dresses they make. It’s sensual and feminine but also very modern and playful in a way. Shipping worldwide from $16.


kinky brands Ukraine: (IG feed screenshot) (IG feed screenshot)

Creative vegan harnesses and garter belts from Kharkiv are now being produced and shipped from Poland all over the world. (main page screenshot) (main page screenshot)

This brand is a jewel for all stocking and garter belt lovers. The candy color combinations are extremely tasty. Delivery is to Europe and North America. (shop page screenshot) (shop page screenshot)

Again, it’s not really a kinky brand even though it’s from Ukraine originally and also very well known in some bubbles. I love their onesies and the whole project which leans much more towards art direction in terms of clothing production. Free worldwide shipping on orders over $385, standard shipping is $40. (shop page screenshot) (shop page screenshot)

The Lviv-based BDSM brand I first noticed on Instagram for the gladiator-style harnesses on female bodies also offers impact play toys, masks and necklaces. The website is in Ukrainian but it mentions delivery abroad.

kinky brands Ukraine: (shop page screenshot) (shop page screenshot)

Another inclusive and beautiful lingerie brand I’ve been watching for a few years doesn’t get much publicity, but I see people wearing it and looking fabulous. Worldwide delivery, free shipping on orders over $250.

If you have more kinky brands from Ukraine to add to this list let me know and I’ll be glad to update the post.

More information on how to help Ukraine right now is here.

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