Social media statement

The world of social media is way too fucked up to take it seriously.

This website is my main resource and the best way to stay updated about new posts here is to send me a blank email to

All social media accounts are run by me and if you behave nicely I’m totally reachable.

Mastodon is my favorite bubble, for now, so I feed it with nudes from time to time.

Accounts on Instagram and Reddit are mirroring this website. I don’t generate content for them. I still like to connect with people there but keep in mind, I’m highly allergic to unwanted advice and stupidity.

You can follow me on Chaturbate to get for sure notified when I’m online.

My Patreon still exists but it recently lost all exclusivity due to smelling way too much like corporate shit to me and now being treated only as a payment option. However, my Patrons still can use it to get assess to services as before.

For specific fetish events, requests, and more info on how to serve me go to Fetlife (friend requests accepted from people that I met IRL only).

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