Punished Mondays

Even though being an overachiever is a lot more socially acceptable than being an alcoholic, I can’t recommend that addiction either. Mondays used to be my most stressful days for at least a decade of my life. I could pile up one week of tasks in one day, and expected myself to be productive enough to deal with it with a smile.

I was constantly overloading myself and every Monday felt heavier than the previous. First I started hating them. Then I was afraid of them. Later even terrified. And then the punishment concept appeared.

Actually, I stole it from someone I’ve never met but followed on social media, and I still feel extremely grateful to this person for such wisdom.

So for the last few years, my Mondays are punished. I don’t have an alarm on this day, I take a bath before breakfast and refuse to be stressed out. Like. At all. Fuck you, Monday stress!

For instance, my #1 task on to-do for today’s list says: to plan the orgy. I think it’s an acceptable task for Monday and once I’m done with it, I might consider the other ones.

Feel free to borrow this concept too. Take care of yourself and don’t let Mondays stress you out 😘

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