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What the fuck is Sicut Dico?
Have you ever wondered:
  • How does one become a dominatrix? (You know what a dominatrix is, yes?)
  • What do you charge someone to whip them?
  • Do politics and sex belong in the same room?
  • How does power feel?

Well, we might have the answers. Sicut’s journey can now be yours as well – through all the ups, downs, and sideways

This series will take you through her mind and world, and archives of experiences both sexy and scary

And as a bonus, you won’t be alone on the road!

Join Ilana and Gene as they peruse, post, and publish, with their own spins and commentary for you to enjoy!

With a slight head start, they’ll guide you through Sicut’s journey, sharing hot takes and maybe their own freaky fantasies as well

Don’t you want to know what they know?

Ilana, your average (or maybe not) Berlin newbie, a researcher and filmmaker desiring to bust out of her bubble


Come into the light, and then down into the darkroom with them in WHAT TF IS SICUT DICO?

Meanwhile, while you wait patiently for the first episode to come, subscribe to our spicy newsletter, and start getting to know Gene and Ilana already

Gene, aka bogolepov – dramatic queer-pop diva, magician and creator of soundtracks for your sexual endeavours


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